• Le poster de Julie Gonneaud intitulé “Prediction of brain age using resting-state functional connectivity reveals accelerated aging in the preclinical phase of autosomal dominant Alzheimer’s disease, irrespectively of amyloid pathology” a été reproduit à Sixth Biennial Conference on Resting State and Brain Connectivity, 2018. [poster]
  • Le poster de Julie Gonneaud intitulé “Genetic and Environmental Factors Are Differentially Related to Aβ Burden in the Presymptomatic Phase of Autosomal Dominant and Sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease”a été reproduit à AAIC 2018. [poster]
  • Melissa Mcsweeney’s poster entitled “Early Increase in Tau-PET Signal Is Associated with Aβ Burden, CSF p-Tau Levels, and Cognition in Cognitively Normal Late-Middle-Aged Adults”a été reproduit à AAIC 2018. [poster]
  • Alexa Pichet Binette’s poster entitled “Neuropsychiatric Burden Is Related to Increased Amyloid but Not Tau Deposition in Late-Middle-Aged Cognitively Normal Individuals with a Family History of Alzheimer’s Disease”a été reproduit à AAIC 2018. [poster]


  • Le poster de Sylvia Villeneuve intitulé «Years to Parental Symptom Onset Predicts Amyloid Burden in Healthy Elderly with a Parental History of Sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease.» a été reproduit à AAIC 2017. [voir pdf]
  • Le poster de Alexa Pichet Binette intitulé «Moving away from single AD-signature ROI: Assessing the relationship between whole-brain gray matter pattern, AD pathology, and cognition in healthy elderly at risk of AD» a été reproduit à AAIC 2017. [voir pdf]
  • Le poster de Etienne Vachon-Presseau intitulé «Assessing the impact of inflammation on limbic circuitry and its role in depression in older adults» a été reproduit à AAIC 2017. [voir pdf]


  • Le poster de Jacob Vogel intitulé « Regional gray matter volume and default mode network connectivity are associated with age relative to parental symptom onset in sporadic Alzheimer’s disease » a été reproduit au Research Day du Centre Recherche de l’Hopital Douglas le 10 juin 2016, et à AAIC. [voir pdf]
  • Le poster de Alexa Pichet Binette’s intitulé « High CSF tau is related to reduced hippocampal volume and subjective cognitive decline in healthy elderly with amyloid pathology » a été reproduit à AAIC 2016. [voir pdf]