The Villeneuve Lab is seeking applicants from a range of educational backgrounds including, but not restricted to: biomedical engineering, neuroscience and neuropsychology. All applicants can reach us via e-mail at villeneuvelab(/at/)

Undergraduate Students

Volunteer research positions are available for exceptional undergraduate students completing their degrees at McGill University in neuroscience, engineering, or related fields. Please submit your CV for consideration, along with a brief description of why you would like to be involved in our lab.

Graduate Students

Positions for graduate studies are only available to students who have been accepted into McGill’s Integrated Program in Neuroscience (IPN). If you have been accepted to this program, please contact us via e-mail. IPN rotation students are welcome.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Research positions are available for those who have completed a doctorate degree and are interested in pursuing a postdoctoral position at our lab. Applicants are encouraged to e-mail us their CV for consideration, along with a brief description of their research interests.