Welcome to the Villeneuve Lab

The Villeneuve Lab is interested in how the brain ages with a specific focus on the factors that modify the association between brain lesions and cognitive performances. Our research is motivated by the fact that more than 25% of older adults are considered cognitively normal despite the presence of beta-amyloid in their brain, a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease. This fact suggests that other factors interact with beta-amyloid to trigger the expression of cognitive deficits in Alzheimer’s disease. It also suggests that actions can be taken to prevent or postpone the expression of disease-related symptoms. The main focus of The Villeneuve Lab’s research is therefore to examine the factors that protect (or worse) the development of cognitive deficits in age-related neurodegenerative diseases. We use a multi-tier approach that includes molecular PET imaging, MRI imaging, neuropsychological testing, and genetics.

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Recent News


Lab’s Christmas dinner
6 December 2018

A very warm Merry Christmas to all, from the Villeneuve lab team.

NeuroQAM 2018
22 November 2018

Alexa presented her research entitled “Behavioral factors are differentially associated with amyloid and tau burden in older adults with a family history of Alzheimer’s disease” at the NeuroQAM Science day 2018 for which she received the best oral presentation award.

PREVENT-AD Gala 2018
15 November 2018

 On November 15, the annual gala event was held for the participants of the PREVENT-AD study. The day was punctuated by presentations by Drs. Judes Poirier and Sylvia Villeneuve on the latest advances in Alzheimer’s disease research and future developments in the study. During the meal, participants, researchers, and students were able to talk together. A huge thank you to our participants who, as always, showed much dedication and involvement this year.  [Photo gallery]


Douglas Research Blitz
14 November 2018

Villeneuve lab members Mari-Elise, Theresa, Morteza, and Kaitlin presented the progress of their research projects to other students and faculty at the Douglas Hospital Research Blitz event.


Lab Retreat 2018
22-25 October 2018

The annual Villeneuve lab’s retreat took place at La Conception, Quebec. For three days, the team explored novel research ideas through brainstorming sessions and hackathons, while enjoying the picturesque nature and home-cooked foods together. [Photo gallery]



[Photo gallery]