• Sylvia Villeneuve’s poster entitled «Years to Parental Symptom Onset Predicts Amyloid Burden in Healthy Elderly with a Parental History of Sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease.» was featured at the AAIC 2017. [voir pdf]
  • Alexa Pichet Binette’s poster entitled «Moving away from single AD-signature ROI: Assessing the relationship between whole-brain gray matter pattern, AD pathology, and cognition in healthy elderly at risk of AD» was featured at the AAIC 2017. [voir pdf]
  • Etienne Vachon-Presseau’s poster entitled «Assessing the impact of inflammation on limbic circuitry and its role in depression in older adults» was featured at the AAIC 2017. [voir pdf]


  • Jacob Vogel’s poster entitled “Regional gray matter volume and default mode network connectivity are associated with age relative to parental symptom onset in sporadic Alzheimer’s disease” was featured at the Douglas Hospital Research Centre’s Research Day on June 10th 2016, and at the AAIC. [view pdf]
  • Alexa Pichet Binette’s poster entitled “High CSF tau is related to reduced hippocampal volume and subjective cognitive decline in healthy elderly with amyloid pathology” was featured at the 2016 AAIC. [view pdf]